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Liz Carlson, a self-employed student, during Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Nov 9, 2013.Reuters

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• Fins in a water: New ObamaCare warning signs emerge
• Obama to Texas for bundlers, not border
• Hillary defends army as counsel for child rapist
• Power Play: Udall defends Obama on energy
• If your dream involves potato salad, dream bigger

The Democratic stipulation of feat on ObamaCare this open was that a law was here to stay. As summer blazes on, that exaggerate competence come to sound some-more like a lamentation than a boast. Consider, for example, a NYT piece on how Americans are profitable by a nose for caring yet increasingly wait longer and longer to see doctors: “The Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based substructure that focuses on health care, compared wait times in a United States to those in 10 other countries final year… The investigate found that 26 percent of 2,002 American adults surveyed pronounced they waited 6 days or some-more for appointments, improved usually than Canada (33 percent) and Norway (28 percent), and many worse than in other countries with inhabitant health systems like a Netherlands (14 percent) or Britain (16 percent).” As physicians rush a domain with new regulations entrance on line, will a problem approaching get worse or better?

Leviathan – But that’s only one instance of a proceed that a huge, small accepted health law is creation a participation felt opposite a electorate. Democrats competence critique that a aged complement was damaged too. Maybe so, yet voters don’t consider this is an upgrade. And for a foreseeable future, people’s complaints about a complement will land precisely during a feet of Democrats. We already knew about patients losing entrance to doctors, now we hear about longer wait times. And around a corner, we can see aloft prices and workplace disruptions.

A fight room is kinda like a bunker, isn’t it? – Just forward of a tumble elections, electorate will be confronted with another damaged guarantee about ObamaCare: The boss pronounced a law would move word rates down, yet new rates set to be announced in Sep will uncover rates stability to rise. Unlike Obama’s now-infamous “if we like it” promise, a White House claims it will eventually keep this oath and is touting to pro-administration outlets a “war room” to pull behind opposite coverage of rising word costs. Spin can assistance lessen some damage, yet as is a box with gas prices, when people feel a pinch, they pass along a annoy to a celebration in power. And it’s approaching too late to do anything about a cost spikes other than distributing articulate points.

[Watch Fox: Chief National Correspondent Jim Angle will be tracking a latest on ObamaCare.]

Dems ditching cost controls – But what about a employer mandate, approaching to pull millions of workers out of full-time jobs and means millions of Americans insured by employers to be dumped into ObamaCare? As employers get prepared for a behind regulations, Democrats sound increasingly ready to dump a charge instead. That rule, like a sold mandate, was a curtsy to cost-control during a debate, and Democrats increasingly preference something some-more expensive. Given a choice between large disruptions in voters’ jobs and word policies and some-more income on a sovereign debt, a infancy celebration is frequency divided. But that would take a magnanimous use of a president’s coop and phone, highlighting a stakes in a soon-to-come fit from a House seeking a justice sequence for Obama to use his Constitutional duties.

[Boehner: “What’s unsatisfactory is a President’s sprightly exclusion of a Constitution we are both sworn to defend. It is definitely underneath a grace of a office.”]

Johnson gets his day in justice – A sovereign decider will hear Sen. Ron Johnson’s, R-Wis., lawsuit opposite President Obama overstepping his end when it gave members of Congress and their staff subsidies to assistance compensate for health word in a ObamaCare sell today. Federal Judge William Griesbach will hear arguments from both sides per a administration’s ask to boot a suit. Johnson contingency infer that he was privately spoiled by a administration’s actions. Johnson says a subsidies spoiled him given a administration asked him to establish that of his staff will get a funding and is forcing him to attend in something he believes is bootleg and not accessible to other Americans.

[And don’t forget - The lawsuit that could poise a largest hazard to ObamaCare of any is still pending.]

President Obama
will be reduction than 250 miles from a U.S.-Mexico limit on Wednesday, yet has no announced skeleton to revisit a segment that has seen a inundate of bootleg immigrants over a past weeks. Instead he’ll be in Austin lifting income for Democrats as partial of a two-day sire raking journey that reportedly starts in Denver. Last week Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas invited a boss to see for himself a predicament in his state, that shares over 1,200 miles of a southern limit with Mexico.

“I don’t trust [President Obama] quite cares possibly or not a limit of a United States is secure..” – Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, on ABC’s “This Week”

Obama’s explain doesn’t reason adult - LAT: “President Obama and his aides have regularly sought to diffuse a rumors pushing thousands of children and teenagers from Central America to cranky a U.S. limit any month with a expectancy they will be given a permiso and authorised to stay. But underneath a Obama administration, those reports have valid increasingly true. The series of immigrants underneath 18 who were deported or incited divided during ports of entrance fell from 8,143 in 2008, a final year of a George W. Bush administration, to 1,669 final year, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement information expelled underneath a Freedom of Information Act request.”

“It would be good for him to come down to a border.  But…with all due respect, we consider he still is one step behind. They knew this was function a year ago,” – Rep. Henry Cueller, D-Texas, on CNN’s “State of a Union.”

Members of Congress set to debate Texas apprehension core – Fox News: “The Department of Health and Human Services is permitting members of Congress to revisit a Texas immigration apprehension core amid flourishing concerns about entrance to such comforts housing a new swell of children who have illegally crossed a U.S.-Mexico border. The debate is scheduled to take place Tuesday morning. The site will be a proxy preserve during a Joint Base San Antonio Lackland…”

Fox News: “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson dodged forked questions Sunday about possibly a tens of thousands of Central American children who have recently entered a U.S. illegally will be deported or authorised to stay. His responses on NBC’s ‘Meet a Press’ and those of other Obama administration officials about what accurately they will do about a estimated 50,000 children who have entered a U.S. illegally in new months are being characterized as ambiguous, as officials try to secure a U.S.-Mexico border. Johnson pronounced everybody who crossed a limit faces a ‘pending’ deportation move yet also solid new administration articulate points about looking during ways to ‘create additional options.’…Johnson also discharged questions about not carrying adequate resources during a limit and voiced confidence a U.S. will stop a upsurge of illegals into a country, estimated in a hundreds of thousands given spring….He also suggested that America’s initial requirement is to a incoming children, over sovereignty.”

The New Yorker’s Héctor Tobar delves into a 2010 mining collision trapping 33 organisation and recounts a survivor’s memories while explaining a harmful story in “Sixty-Nine Days”: “In a early-morning hours of Aug 5th, dual thousand feet belowground, a night change was finishing a work. Men lonesome in slag and soaked in persperate collected in one of a caverns, watchful for a lorry that would take them on a forty-minute expostulate to a surface. During their shift, they had remarkable a groan rumble in a distance—the sound of many tons of stone descending in lost caverns low inside a mountain. The sound and a vibrations caused by these avalanches were transmitted by a towering many as lightning strikes transport by a atmosphere and a ground. ‘The cave is tears a lot,’ a organisation pronounced to one another. A few mentioned a rumblings to a organisation on a subsequent shift, yet there was no clarity of alarm. The rumble always receded and a towering eventually returned to a steady, still state.”

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Real Clear Politics Averages
Obama Job Approval
: Approve – 42.1 percent//Disapprove – 53.1 percent
Direction of Country: Right Direction – 26.5 percent//Wrong Track – 63.3 percent
Generic Congressional Ballot:  Democrats – 42.8 percent// Republicans 41.4 percent

In a new interview, Hillary Clinton claims she did not have a choice as to possibly she would urge an indicted child assailant in 1975. The box came to renewed celebrity final month when a Washington Free Beacon revealed recordings that embody her shouting about a male violence a lie-detector test. “I asked to be relieved of that responsibility, yet we was not,” Clinton pronounced in an talk with Mumsnet, a British parenting site. “When we are a lawyer, we mostly don’t have a choice as to who we will represent, and by a really inlet of rapist law there will be those who we paint that we don’t approve of,” a But during slightest in a complement we have an obligation, and once we was allocated we over that obligation.”

CBS News: “Sen. John McCain would be ‘proud’ to work with a President Hillary Clinton, a Arizona Republican pronounced Sunday on “Face a Nation” – that is, he added, if she ‘regrettably’ creates it into a White House. Last month, Clinton on “Good Morning America” called McCain … her favorite Republican. Asked possibly he reciprocates a view about a former initial lady, senator and secretary of state, McCain before giving his good-natured answer joked to Bob Schieffer that he hoped a module would be ‘blacked out’ in his traditionally red-leaning state.”

Neocons removing ready? – Jacob Heilbrunn: “Mark Salter, a former arch of staff to Senator McCain and a neocon associate traveler, pronounced that in a eventuality of a [Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.] nomination, “Republican electorate severely endangered with inhabitant confidence would have no obliged recourse” yet to support Mrs. Clinton for a presidency.”

Her favorite means - Under vigour for outrageous vocalization fees during colleges where fee rates are skyrocketing, Hillary Clinton told ABC News that she will present her compensate for vocalization during colleges over a past year. But there’s a catch: a gift of her choice is her possess family’s foundation. “So it goes from a substructure during a university to another foundation,” Clinton said. Aside from gift work, though, a entertain billion dollars collected by a Clintons for their substructure given withdrawal a White House helps account their intemperate lifestyle over even a estimated $155 million they have collected for their personal fortune. The foundation, that recently financed a multiday eventuality for a Clintons in swing-state Colorado, has spent an estimated $50 million on transport alone.

Des Moines Register: “The categorical domestic bend of a regressive Koch brothers’ sovereignty is ascent a full-scale mobilization to turn a transformative domestic appetite in Iowa, a state where a conflict for a presidency begins. Americans for Prosperity, that touts a virtues of low taxes and an unimportant government, isn’t focusing on only an choosing cycle or two. Its organizers plainly contend they’re digging in to by-pass normal domestic outlets and change a landscape of politics here for a generation….Americans for Prosperity-Iowa now has 5 domain offices, a 27-member staff, a record of orchestrating open events featuring state and inhabitant GOP leaders, and a plan for selling free-market beliefs as a best means to urge Iowans’ lives.”

Fox News: “A gun-control organisation founded and corroborated by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking all House and Senate possibilities in a 2014 midterm elections to finish a 10-part consult on issues associated to firearms. The Washington Post reports that a consult will ask respondents questions about their position on issues like credentials checks for gun buyers, tying repository capacity, and flitting laws restricting gun trafficking. Bloomberg’s group, Everytown for Gun Safety, will afterwards use a sold candidate’s answers, as good as an research of past votes and open statements to possibly support or debate opposite a candidate. The complement is meant to obey and opposite a legislative ratings complement of a National Rifle Association, that assigns lawmakers a minute class formed on their support of pro-gun rights legislation.”

In a latest installment of “Power Play with Chris Stirewalt,” Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., talks about his support for President Obama’s environmental policies in a bid to blunt election-year criticism. Udall was once deliberate a shoo-in for re-election, yet now finds himself in a toss-up competition with Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who has done his antithesis to Obama regulations a centerpiece of his debate in a energy-rich state. “The Obama administration has been all in, investing in an appetite approach,” Udall said. “That has been my proceed as well. I’m blissful this administration has followed my lead” Watch here.

The (Colo.) Durango Herald: “Rep. Cory Gardner[, R-Colo.], seeking to replace obligatory U.S. Sen. Mark Udall[, D-Colo.], shielded hydraulic fracturing as a pursuit creator and pronounced bans of a use would kill thousands of jobs ‘overnight’ in a revisit to Durango on Sunday. His ‘all-of-the-above appetite policy’ relies on fracking. ‘If an appetite anathema were to take place in this state, we would remove 120,000 jobs overnight,’ he said. ‘Twelve billion dollars in mercantile activity would travel divided and $1 billion in taxation revenues that builds roads and schools in this state. Colorado has some of, if not a most, difficult regulations in place. A hydraulic fracturing anathema on a list would be harmful to a economy.’”

4,900 and counting –
AP: “Chris McDaniel’s debate pronounced it believes it has found about 4,900 examples of crude voting in a Jun 24 runoff. Most were by people who apparently voted in a Jun 3 Democratic primary and a Republican runoff, a debate said. Mississippi does not register electorate by party, yet state law bans a chairman from voting in one party’s primary and another party’s runoff in a same cycle. The McDaniel debate did not recover papers ancillary a claim. McDaniel orator Noel Fritsch pronounced a debate served papers to Cochran’s son, Clayton, giving notice of a vigilant to plea formed on allegations of crude crossover voting. Fritsch pronounced a papers had to be served directly to Cochran or to a member of his family.”

Bounty hunter - State Sen. Chris McDaniel is offering “$1,000 for justification heading to a detain and self-assurance of anyone concerned in voter rascal on or heading adult to a Jun 24, 2014, Republican primary runoff choosing in Mississippi…”

The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune: “The Bill Cassidy Senate debate announced Thursday that a candidate’s unwed 17-year-old daughter is profound as she prepares for her comparison year during a Baton Rouge high school.  Cassidy, a Republican congressman from Baton Rouge, pronounced in a matter supposing Times-Picayune that his daughter faces ‘a some-more severe future’ and that she has his and his mother Laura‘s umbrella support. The baby is approaching after this summer.” According to his website, Cassidy “works to foster a enlightenment of life and strengthen a unborn.” Cassidy hopes to replace Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. Landrieu’s chair is seen as a pivotal state for a Republicans to benefit control of a Senate in November.

Republicans have their sights set on 6 seats to win behind control of a Senate from Democrats. So that seats are many approaching to flip from blue to red? The stream accord among Fox News First readers: Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota and North Carolina. Fox News First reader Dave Lubrano said, “I trust a largest domain of feat for these 6 will go in a sequence in-which we am presenting them: Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana. These people will have a largest margins of feat in that order.”

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